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> Thanksgiving Best Seller - 20% OFF Pavtube Video Converter U




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Added: 25.11.2014 - 10:18     Post title: Thanksgiving Best Seller - 20% OFF Pavtube Video Converter U

Thanksgiving Best Seller - 20% OFF Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate
Well, November brings Thanksgiving Day again. Have you prepared for the Thanksgiving day? Or are just worrying about the proper Thanksgiving gifts? Here is Pavtube's 2014 Thanksgiving Gift Idea which will give a surprise to all your family and friends, and a pleasure to yourself. At this Thanksgiving Promotion, we do offer low prices software solutions for you to enjoy videos, TV shows, camera recordings and Blu-ray DVD movies on those devices with pleasant quality. Expires on Dec,10, 2014. Never miss!
Top Pick -20% OFF Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate
The app lets you back up and convert Blu-ray & DVD collections into Android/iOS/Windows device friendly format so as to enjoy movies. This is definitely a good gift for frequent travelers. The software exports up to 1080p full HD video with both stereo and 5.1 sound, so as to make full use of available surround sound system. Moreover, it has unique creating 3D videos feature! Operation is intuitive and straight-forward:
1. Load DVD/Blu-ray/Video to the software.
2. Set desired subtitle and audio language.
3. Set format for conversion.
4. One-click to start converting DVD/Blu-ray/Video to a playable format.
Here is an online tutorial.
Act now, express your love and gratefulness to your family and friends with the wonderful gifts from Pavtube. Wish you all a happy Thanksgiving Day! Get more 20% OFF~ 30% off specials and more hot deals can be found at Pavtube Facebook.
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