Download DLL files

DLL (Dynamic Link Library, more often known as DLL file) - it's an executable module with programme code or resources for using by another application programs or DLL files. Our DLL database has all standard DLL files and not usual OCX which are not included in standard set of OS but are required for correct working of different software.

Here you can find not only newest versions of DLL but also oldest: sometimes you need those libraries. It maybe some programs or games are not working without DLL file or OCX, more often if you have OS older than Windows XP.

Most PC's users (and even beginners) at least once have seen files with *.dll suffix. These files are more popular than other system files. For exampe, most part of installing some programs - it's DLL files. Even one deleted DLL file can do unworking a big program.

This section of our site will help you find *.dll and *.ocx file for solve a problem with incorrect software working.

About dll and ocx files family you can read here.

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